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Functions and Applications of Optical Add-drop Multiplexer (OADM)

What does optical add-drop multiplexer stand for
Functions of OADM
Applications of OADM

1,What does optical add-drop multiplexer stand for
OADM is Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer, which used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing different channels of light into or out of a single mode fiber. Its main function is to selectively drop or add one or multiple wavelength channels without affecting the transmission of other wavelength channels. The OADM device is one of the key devices of the all-optical network.

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How to use WDM technology to expand fiber capacity?

Expanding fiber capacity with WDM
What’s Mux and Demux
What does optical add-drop multiplexer stand for
WDM bands
WDM technology: TFF and AWG
WDM-PON in access network
WDM in 5G network

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is one of the most common ways of using wavelengths to increase bandwidth by multiplexing various optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber. It combines a series of optical carrier signals with different wavelengths carrying various information and coupled to the same optical fiber for transmission at the transmitting end. At the receiving end, optical signals of various wavelengths are separated by a demultiplexer. This technique of simultaneously transmitting two or many different wavelengths in the same fiber is called wavelength division multiplexing, or WDM.

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