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HYC launches ultra-small Hybrid devices for EDFA

In order to meet the needs of EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier) applications, HYC has recently launched hybrid series product for the miniaturized EDFA. The product line includes 980/1550nm IWDM Hybrid (Isolator+WDM), GFF (Gain Flattening Filter), IGFF (Isolator + GFF), etc..

EDFA application
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The working principle and application of MEMS optical switch

This article will including:

What is optical switch?

Working principle of MEMS optical switch

Structure of MEMS fiber optic switch

MEMS optical switch VS Mechanical optical switch

The advantages of MEMS switch

The applications of MEMS fiber optic switch

The MEMS based optical switch in AON

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