Michelson Interferometers Components for Signal Detection in 5000m Deep Sea

With the gradual advancement of the national marine strategy, the deep-sea applications of optical fiber hydrophones have becoming more and more extensive with higher requirements of the reliability. Based on six basic technology platforms, HYC has launched a series of Michelson interferometers that can be used in deep sea hydrophones. The product line includes FRM (Faraday Rotating Mirror) and Coupler devices featuring ultra-miniaturized packing, ultra-high reliability. It is ideal for fiber optic interferometric sensor systems for deep-sea 5000m signal detection.

Interferometric fiber sensor

Based on basic packaging process and materials technology and glue & stress models technology, the stability of FRM and coupler can be greatly improved. After 48 hours of continuous high-strength hydraulic test (45MPa), pressure fatigue test (low pressure 0MPa ~ high pressure 6.75MPa), 72 hours PCT test (120 ℃, 2 atmospheres, 100% humidity) and a series of mechanical tests, the IL variation of the experimental product is still within 0.5dB.

FRM, Coupler

HYC provides two versions to meet different needs, one is miniaturized + ultra-high reliability version, another is ultra-miniature version. The package sizes of the first miniaturized + ultra-high reliability FRM and coupler are φ3.0×12 mm and φ3.0×40 mm respectively. The package sizes of second ultra-miniature FRM and coupler are φ2.5×12 mm and φ2.5×30 mm respectively, which is ahead of most similar products on the market, and can also meet environmental and mechanical experiments required by Telcordia GR-1209 /1221.

The Michelson Interferometers components provided by HYC not only ensure low loss, ultra-high reliability, and ultra-miniaturization, but also adopt a low-cost strategy to reduce costs through functional integration, and truly providing customers with competitive product solutions.

Coupler, FRM

HYC has always pay high attention to R&D investment and has a professional R&D team, owns a number of domestic and foreign patents and has a comprehensive six core technology platforms.

  1. Optical design, simulation and ray tracing capability based on Zemax, Matlab and Mathcad;
  2. Free space optics design, submicron alignment / coupling/assembly capabilities;
  3. High precision mechanical design, mold and injection design & precision manufacturing capabilities;
  4. High density parallel optics Design and manufacturing capabilities (such as FA fiber array &MPO and integration with isolators, etc.);
  5. Optical substrate and wafer post-processing capabilities, and the corresponding capabilities for analyzing optical glass geometry and stress;
  6. Automatic precision assembly and testing ability, software programming ability.

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